T-Shirt Scarf 5 minutes TOPS…..

Okay, here is my first “Want to Make” from Pinterest. I have looked at this idea over and over and thought hmmm can it really be that easy…Answer YES! It took me a bit longer because I decided to hand dye and add a flower to it.. But here goes!


T-shirt scarf and flower

There is my sweet E with her finished product! She helped take photos of the process and even helped in the making!

Step 1 any old t-shirt or one from Wally for $2 like we had plain old white for our dying pleasure..Cut off bottom hem and discard..

Step 2 cut 1 inch strips up to seam of arms…

Cutting Strips

Step 3, the fun part align all your strips into one big circle..AND PULL!!!

Strips ready to be aligned and Stretched!

Pull Sweet E

Step 4..now I decided to dye ours..BUT if you have a color you like no need to do this step..I dyed ours with Wilton cake colors because that is all the dye I had on hand..little bit of water and a tub laid strip in for an ombre effect

Dying to meet you...

Step 5..dry, or continue from step 3…Align all your loops together into 1 big circle and get ready to add embellishments..

Step 6. I took one of the loops that seemed a bit bigger than the rest and cut to make a long strand, grabbed the bottom of the loops and started lassoing that baby together.. I tucked the ends into the loops to hide them.. I took another loop and cut it into 3 long stands..

Step 7…I proceeded to braid…


Step 8..I did bust out the machine for a mater of 2 secs to secure the ends and cut off the knot but HONESTLY no need if you don’t have a machine, made one for my Mom today to prove it takes 5 minutes with no dying and just tucked the ends…

2 sec stitch

So to add braid follow step 6 AND WaaaLaaaa a new scarf in 5 minutes minus the dying!! I’ll add the flower tutorial hopefully tomorrow when this kitten stops trying to swat every letter on the screen as I type…

T-Shirt Scarf

5 minutes to DONE

wearing it long..


10 thoughts on “T-Shirt Scarf 5 minutes TOPS…..

    • Thanks!! The pictures really aren’t the best, and you are my scarf queen so to know you like them, makes it that much better!

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