Melted Crayons..Right Up My Alley

So if any of you are like me you have crayons EVERYWHERE..With 4 kiddos running around this place I find crayons in every room, drawer, even the dryer at times, ugh! As a kid my mom would melt our crayons down in muffin tins to make those cool crayons that would color all sorts of different shades when you colored with them.I always thought that was such a genius idea an I’ve even done that with our broken ones at times. Well when I saw the pins all over Pinterest with melted crayon art I had to jump on making this.

Here is my take on just one of the many Melted Crayon Art like this one on Pinterest..

So to start off I just have a blank 3 for $8 standard canvas from Wally World, I believe it’s a 16×20..(note will do smaller for the next go at this)

Step 1 I decided I wanted more that just melted crayons..I thought why not add a design under the crayons with tape that I can pull off when done melting the crayons for a picture…(note I used scotch tape, next time will use masking or even duck tape)

Tape Owl

Step 2, find all these broken crayons, crayon boxes etc, & an x-acto knife to slice the paper off the crayons for easy peeling…


Step 3…Time to line up crayons on the bottom of the canvas in the pattern you like..I wish I had done a smaller canvas so that way I could have lined the crayons touching each other instead of the spacing like it is… I used all the broken crayons here an I used an epoxy I have for jewelry making to stick these lil puppies into place…

lined up for melting

Step 4 grab your hair dryer and get ready to melt these colorful pieces of little wax..I held the canvas to get the right drip I was trying to go for..It was a but of a learning process of which crayons heated up first and started melting quicker that others, just play with it..


let the melting begin

Step 5..PAUSE for the cuteness you see across from you devouring his soup while Mama plays with her crayons..


Step 6…Line up your crayons on top of the canvas now, I left these whole crayons as I liked the idea of seeing some of the paper left on the crayons and for hopes of longer drips of melted beautifulness..I also only positioned them in the middle of the canvas since I wanted to try drawing on the canvas and melting it to see if it would add a watercolored type effect..which I can note it did..proceed to melt..

top crayons

moon & stars

Step 7.. start peeling that tape off, the x-acto knife comes in handy again here to get under some of the wax..again I really think masking or even duck tape would have come off a lot easier..

all melted

Step 8.. all done!! Marvel at the idea of what else could become a possibility of melted crayons.. oh man all the possibilities..

Melted Owl

In the end I like the out come, but what I like even more than the out come is my 9 year old asking if he can make these for gifts for Christmas presents or if I would come into his class and make them with fellow classmates! That right there made this project well WORTH it!!


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