4 & 5 Photo

So..I’m t-minus 2 hrs late on day 4’s photo, so I’m doing 4 & 5 together..It’s been an emotional day in the Hopeful Night Owl household..Our old man Zeke our dog of almost 12 years was put to rest today. He had cancer which started in his paw and he has been hobbling around on 3 legs for months now.. Every time we’d go to the vet we’d come home with another round of antibiotics and “oh we don’t think it’s cancer, it will heal” Each time against my better judgement I’d say “okay here we go again lets try this” I’d say to my husband ” I just really think its worse than they say” Well today right before I need to leave for a Girl Scout meeting I look at my old man with half a raw paw and realize it’s bleeding, I say to my husband ” take him now, its raw and bleeding something needs to be done, make them wrap it so he cant keep licking and messing with it” While at my meeting I text me husband “how is he” I get back “cancer”…”he’s better now” I reply “i fing knew it, did you put him down” I get back a huge blow to all my emotions ” Yes” …right then and there in the middle of a Girl Scout meeting with 16, 5-7year old a YES! I try my damnedest to hold it together.. I get up try and find tissues( has anyone ever used school issued tissue they mine as well have sand paper).. Come back in with a bit of composure and continue said meeting..Meanwhile my 6 year old daughter is looking at me like “what the heck is wrong mom”..I knew this day was sooner than later but I didn’t think TODAY was the day.. It has hit me way harder than I ever imagined it would.. Quality vs Quantity of life the right choice was made whether it be a hard one or not it was right, he no longer suffers he no longer feels pain..We as the humans will heal with his loss and although we will move on we will never forget the 11+ years this “mans best friend” gave to us..So day 4 and day 5 pictures are for you my old friend Zeke may you rest in peace!

Puppy Love

Day 5 photo..

Always Watchful



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