Slacker, Yep me!! Photos 6&7

Ugh, I’m such a slacker, or better yet Queen on the Procrastinators, each of the past 2 nights at around 11pm, I think ohhhh I need to go add my photo..Then, SQUIRREL!! And I totally forget till the next night and repeat scenario.. So here are photos 6 & 7 and a link to a really cool DIY of my inner geekiness!


An another Star Wars Snowflake..

Make sure you have an xacto knife, you really need it for the hard to get to spots, If you are going to have little ones try and do this I suggest doing the Clone Trooper since it isn’t as much with the xacto knife..It’s winter so snowflakes should be abundant so get your geek on and create!!


One thought on “Slacker, Yep me!! Photos 6&7

  1. You need to see the ones we made at CROP using 18 Q-Tips, glue, and glitter glue. They are so pretty. I put them on the bulletin board in the cafeteria to decorate for our winter month of January.

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