So I have a friend who thinks I’m a nerd because I know all about Star Wars, comic book characters and a few other nerdy characteristics..I wouldn’t consider myself a nerd, I just dabble in it a bit, now my eldest child, yep he’s a nerd..Way to smart for his own good, loves all the above listed items plus like his Mama can read a whole book in one sitting..But he’s my nerd and I am mean it with all the love in the world. I hope he stays nerdy but also keeps his love of music and guitar, piano, voice and drum lessons up. I also hope he continues his love of football, soccer and baseball… So in the long run he’ll be a well rounded nerd! So what does this have to do with photo number 13??? This is my ode to my nerdiness, I made this necklace for a friend today and I have one with my 4 kids on as well..It’s a periodic table styles necklace..Don’t think the average Jane would like this style but I adore it..Embracing my Nerd with the love of my kids!

Periodic Table Style necklace & monogram earrings

Photo 14…

My Nerdy Love


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