T-shirt Flower

I got asked to blog how to make the t-shirt flowers I add to my t-shirt scarfs..Then when I went back and looked at my t-shirt scarf blog I realized I promised this DIY a month or so ago..So I apologize for being the typical slacker I am and here it goes….

Step one..1 loop of t-shirt not stretched cut at one end..

loop cut

step 2.. start wrapping the t-shirt around your hand like so..

all wrapped up

step 3.. slide the wrap off your hand and tie in the middle with a stretched piece of t-shirt about a foot long..

tied up tight

step 4..cut the ends of the wrap so there are no more loops..

snip snip

Step 5.. fluff your flower all out, looks like a pompom of sorts and then add to your scarf just like the brain or wraps, just wrap that baby together.. I added another one in yellow to the white and put them on the dyed purple scarf…

Sweet E


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