8 Days…

Whoa!! Times flies when you’re having fun??? Hmmm fun? Not so much fun just busy with day to day things and my baby brother coming in town..So lets see, what should I add for 8 days?? A couple new jewelry pieces? A few random kid pics? And some oldies but goodies…

Stay tuned though because I am going to a DIY sooner than later on painting my dining room table like a chalk board..man I love Pinterest for ideas, wish my brain would function with out it sometimes..

Pic 1 My baby boy sleeping and just being so darn cute!

Sweet Boy

Pic 2..My O with his brand new braces,

What BIG Eyes you have..

Pic 3… an Oldie of my O, R, & E

Crazy Hair Kids

Pic 4..Random whatever my mouse clicks on in my picture gallery

Um Okay! Summer 2010

Pic 5 lets do a piece of jewelry I just made for a custom order from a really cool lady who won one of my gift certificates from a local charity event..

Tree of Life...

Pic 6..A little FROGtastic necklace for you…


Pic 7..Some Daisies because today felt like spring not the middle of winter!


Pic 8..Some sibling love



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