Busy with Cakes

So this weekend was a busy one with 2 cake orders for little bits 1st and 2nd birthdays..One was a Barney cake and NO WHERE sells Barney stuff anymore..I searched high and low an about 6 stores to no avail..Yes, I could have ordered online but it was a last minute order and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for Barney..So I decided I’ll just make him out of fondant…The 2nd cake was Mr. Potato Head, that I could find everywhere but again decided nah I’ll do it up right and make the whole cake the Potato..So here are my 2 creations both last minute to the wire get them to the party on time….



Our school has a Bake a Book cake auction to raise money, the idea is to bake any cake but it has to be in the theme of a book, so this year was my Deider’s year to pick a book, he picked his Angry Birds Doodle book for me to make a cake from…My eldest sons birthday was a week later and he requested the same cake for his birthday at school..well I totally flaked and at 6:00pm Thursday before his Friday school birthday he says “mom are you going to make my cake for school tomorrow?” PANIC mode set in because I totally forgot they celebrate on Friday if the birthday is on the weekend…So instead of a cake he got Angry Bird cupcakes..birds are made out of fondant..




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