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Whoa!! Times flies when you’re having fun??? Hmmm fun? Not so much fun just busy with day to day things and my baby brother coming in town..So lets see, what should I add for 8 days?? A couple new jewelry … Continue reading

Sweet Peas & Nest

So I have a new obsession thanks to my awesome friends who pin things at me on Pinterest and say “Can you make this??” or someone will comment on a pin and say “ask Hope bet she could make that” I love my peeps!! So what do sweet peas and nest have to do with making things?? Jewelry!!!

I’m waiting for cooper wire to be restocked so I can play with it as well. So far my nest are just silver and gold with random stones and pearls I have laying around.. Here a few of my nest and one added to a necklace for a Mama to be..

Birds Nest

Mama to Be Necklace

Baby Haynes

Now with the sweet peas.. I had an old wool sweater laying around and decided to cut the arm off and felt the material to make the pea pod..Felting is super simple, all you have to is wash an old wool sweater in hot water and agitate it to get the fibers to shrink and then throw it in the dryer and WhaLa FELT! I then cut it down to size for a pod, strung my green stones on a 20 gage silver wire and sewed the felt around the wire to create the sweet pea necklace..Had some scrape silver laying around cut out a leaf and wham a one of a kind new necklace…

Sweet Pea

Every time I look at it, it makes me sing ” Sweet Pea, Apple of my Eye

Sweet Pea Pod

So now you all are privy to my newest obsession, If you see something on pinterest that you think might catch my eye or your eye and want me to take a stab at it let me know!! You all keep my juices rolling and Night Owlness going!

T-shirt Flower

I got asked to blog how to make the t-shirt flowers I add to my t-shirt scarfs..Then when I went back and looked at my¬†t-shirt scarf blog I realized I promised this DIY a month or so ago..So I apologize for being the typical slacker I am and here it goes….

Step one..1 loop of t-shirt not stretched cut at one end..

loop cut

step 2.. start wrapping the t-shirt around your hand like so..

all wrapped up

step 3.. slide the wrap off your hand and tie in the middle with a stretched piece of t-shirt about a foot long..

tied up tight

step 4..cut the ends of the wrap so there are no more loops..

snip snip

Step 5.. fluff your flower all out, looks like a pompom of sorts and then add to your scarf just like the brain or wraps, just wrap that baby together.. I added another one in yellow to the white and put them on the dyed purple scarf…

Sweet E

5 at 5:00

So I’m 5 pics behind, go figure..have you all become to expect any less from me?? So I’m going to do 5 of my latest 5 pics from my cell phone..this could get scary seeing as I haven’t even checked what those last 5 are…so here goes nothing..

Mama & Boy

Little man feel asleep and I just had to have a pic of him snuggling in..

Aly$$a/Ke$ha Cake

Birthday cake I made for a friends daughters birthday

Naked Face

Ugh this is me fresh out of bed and in all honesty how a lot of people in town see me, hair not done, no make up, jammies..

My lil Sunshine

I loved the way the sun was hitting his hair, left a golden aura all around him..

Homework Time

Miss E hard at work on her math homework.. she does funny little things with her mouth when she is concentrating…


So I have a friend who thinks I’m a nerd because I know all about Star Wars, comic book characters and a few other nerdy characteristics..I wouldn’t consider myself a nerd, I just dabble in it a bit, now my eldest child, yep he’s a nerd..Way to smart for his own good, loves all the above listed items plus like his Mama can read a whole book in one sitting..But he’s my nerd and I am mean it with all the love in the world. I hope he stays nerdy but also keeps his love of music and guitar, piano, voice and drum lessons up. I also hope he continues his love of football, soccer and baseball… So in the long run he’ll be a well rounded nerd! So what does this have to do with photo number 13??? This is my ode to my nerdiness, I made this necklace for a friend today and I have one with my 4 kids on as well..It’s a periodic table styles necklace..Don’t think the average Jane would like this style but I adore it..Embracing my Nerd with the love of my kids!

Periodic Table Style necklace & monogram earrings

Photo 14…

My Nerdy Love

4 New Pics Self Sabotage

I really think I am coming to realize I am the QUEEN of self sabotage and procrastination…I get myself right there and have a million ideas and think okay now go do such and such, and as always find something to distract me on the way and such and such never gets done..For example what am I really suppose to be doing right now??? Organizing Girl Scout cookie order forms to deliver to my girls tomorrow..Why then am I hear writing this, well simple I had to write a letter to the parents and I’m already sitting here so why not continue.. Why don’t I make it to yoga class on Fridays that I pay for?? Well because I end up staying up way to late to get all those projects I procrastinated on done and then 6:30 comes really early and by the time I get the big kids on the bus I always end up snuggling with the baby for just a few minutes and pass right back out and miss that blasted yoga class, self saboteur that I am!! So what does this have to do with?? The 4 pics that haven’t made there way up yet so here are 4 unrelated just because pics… ENJOY!


Sleepy Boy this is also why I don't get anything done, I like to snuggle that boy!


Happy Birthday! Why, well it's my lovely sisters birthday on day 10!


Bad Apple? Why because I am totally obsessed now with "THE BIG WASTE" on the Food Network, here is a bit from my other rant on Facebook...

Everyone needs to watch The Big Waste on the Food Network when it re airs Jan. 14th and 15th, it was quite an eye opener to how we as consumers eat with our eyes and will only buy the pretty foods, that goes for you organic people out there as well the waste that is thrown away every day from grocery stores, restaurants and farms is extremely sad..If I lived in a bigger city I would totally be a FREEGAN..(look it up)


Teach! Why? well because we all need good teachers, you know you all have that 1 favorite that sticks out in your mind!

I’m very lucky this year that my 3 bigs kids all got extremely lucky with amazing teachers!! This piece of jewelry I did a ways back sums up what those 3 are all about!


Photo 8 is for my God Daughter Chloe! Her birthday was yesterday and for the life of me I always think it is the 8th of January..Why because I flew to FL on the 8th of Jan and had that date so set in my head that her Mama HAD to have her by then.. Well my fat, cute little Chinese girl knew her God Mama wanted to meet her before she left for a week for FL and came late the 7th of January but again for the life of me I always have set in my head that her birthday is the 8th..So Miss Chloe this blog tonight is for you, even though this year I actually remembered at 10pm the 7th of January it was your birthday!

I Mustache you a question???

Slacker, Yep me!! Photos 6&7

Ugh, I’m such a slacker, or better yet Queen on the Procrastinators, each of the past 2 nights at around 11pm, I think ohhhh I need to go add my photo..Then, SQUIRREL!! And I totally forget till the next night and repeat scenario.. So here are photos 6 & 7 and a link to a really cool DIY of my inner geekiness!


An another Star Wars Snowflake..

Make sure you have an xacto knife, you really need it for the hard to get to spots, If you are going to have little ones try and do this I suggest doing the Clone Trooper since it isn’t as much with the xacto knife..It’s winter so snowflakes should be abundant so get your geek on and create!!


4 & 5 Photo

So..I’m t-minus 2 hrs late on day 4’s photo, so I’m doing 4 & 5 together..It’s been an emotional day in the Hopeful Night Owl household..Our old man Zeke our dog of almost 12 years was put to rest today. He had cancer which started in his paw and he has been hobbling around on 3 legs for months now.. Every time we’d go to the vet we’d come home with another round of antibiotics and “oh we don’t think it’s cancer, it will heal” Each time against my better judgement I’d say “okay here we go again lets try this” I’d say to my husband ” I just really think its worse than they say” Well today right before I need to leave for a Girl Scout meeting I look at my old man with half a raw paw and realize it’s bleeding, I say to my husband ” take him now, its raw and bleeding something needs to be done, make them wrap it so he cant keep licking and messing with it” While at my meeting I text me husband “how is he” I get back “cancer”…”he’s better now” I reply “i fing knew it, did you put him down” I get back a huge blow to all my emotions ” Yes” …right then and there in the middle of a Girl Scout meeting with 16, 5-7year old a YES! I try my damnedest to hold it together.. I get up try and find tissues( has anyone ever used school issued tissue they mine as well have sand paper).. Come back in with a bit of composure and continue said meeting..Meanwhile my 6 year old daughter is looking at me like “what the heck is wrong mom”..I knew this day was sooner than later but I didn’t think TODAY was the day.. It has hit me way harder than I ever imagined it would.. Quality vs Quantity of life the right choice was made whether it be a hard one or not it was right, he no longer suffers he no longer feels pain..We as the humans will heal with his loss and although we will move on we will never forget the 11+ years this “mans best friend” gave to us..So day 4 and day 5 pictures are for you my old friend Zeke may you rest in peace!

Puppy Love

Day 5 photo..

Always Watchful