Busy with Cakes

So this weekend was a busy one with 2 cake orders for little bits 1st and 2nd birthdays..One was a Barney cake and NO WHERE sells Barney stuff anymore..I searched high and low an about 6 stores to no avail..Yes, I could have ordered online but it was a last minute order and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for Barney..So I decided I’ll just make him out of fondant…The 2nd cake was Mr. Potato Head, that I could find everywhere but again decided nah I’ll do it up right and make the whole cake the Potato..So here are my 2 creations both last minute to the wire get them to the party on time….



Our school has a Bake a Book cake auction to raise money, the idea is to bake any cake but it has to be in the theme of a book, so this year was my Deider’s year to pick a book, he picked his Angry Birds Doodle book for me to make a cake from…My eldest sons birthday was a week later and he requested the same cake for his birthday at school..well I totally flaked and at 6:00pm Thursday before his Friday school birthday he says “mom are you going to make my cake for school tomorrow?” PANIC mode set in because I totally forgot they celebrate on Friday if the birthday is on the weekend…So instead of a cake he got Angry Bird cupcakes..birds are made out of fondant..




4 New Pics Self Sabotage

I really think I am coming to realize I am the QUEEN of self sabotage and procrastination…I get myself right there and have a million ideas and think okay now go do such and such, and as always find something to distract me on the way and such and such never gets done..For example what am I really suppose to be doing right now??? Organizing Girl Scout cookie order forms to deliver to my girls tomorrow..Why then am I hear writing this, well simple I had to write a letter to the parents and I’m already sitting here so why not continue.. Why don’t I make it to yoga class on Fridays that I pay for?? Well because I end up staying up way to late to get all those projects I procrastinated on done and then 6:30 comes really early and by the time I get the big kids on the bus I always end up snuggling with the baby for just a few minutes and pass right back out and miss that blasted yoga class, self saboteur that I am!! So what does this have to do with?? The 4 pics that haven’t made there way up yet so here are 4 unrelated just because pics… ENJOY!


Sleepy Boy this is also why I don't get anything done, I like to snuggle that boy!


Happy Birthday! Why, well it's my lovely sisters birthday on day 10!


Bad Apple? Why because I am totally obsessed now with "THE BIG WASTE" on the Food Network, here is a bit from my other rant on Facebook...

Everyone needs to watch The Big Waste on the Food Network when it re airs Jan. 14th and 15th, it was quite an eye opener to how we as consumers eat with our eyes and will only buy the pretty foods, that goes for you organic people out there as well the waste that is thrown away every day from grocery stores, restaurants and farms is extremely sad..If I lived in a bigger city I would totally be a FREEGAN..(look it up)


Teach! Why? well because we all need good teachers, you know you all have that 1 favorite that sticks out in your mind!

I’m very lucky this year that my 3 bigs kids all got extremely lucky with amazing teachers!! This piece of jewelry I did a ways back sums up what those 3 are all about!


Photo 8 is for my God Daughter Chloe! Her birthday was yesterday and for the life of me I always think it is the 8th of January..Why because I flew to FL on the 8th of Jan and had that date so set in my head that her Mama HAD to have her by then.. Well my fat, cute little Chinese girl knew her God Mama wanted to meet her before she left for a week for FL and came late the 7th of January but again for the life of me I always have set in my head that her birthday is the 8th..So Miss Chloe this blog tonight is for you, even though this year I actually remembered at 10pm the 7th of January it was your birthday!

I Mustache you a question???