July’s Photo Challenge/ Photo a Day

July’s Photo Challenge/Photo a Day..

I’ve had so much fun doing these photo challenges these past few months I have totally neglected posting my DIY’s..You all know by now I am full of excuses..Summer is a crazy busy time with 4 kiddos running a muck..But the nice thing about the challenges is it keeps my creativity going and also grounded in accomplishing a monthly goal I have set out for myself. It may seem small in the big aspect of this crazy world but with a whirl wind of craziness around me, this I can do! AND enjoy doing it!


If you use Instagram and would like to participate please #julyphotofb

If you would like to just jump in and share please post on here or share with your friends for something fun to do between each other!

This is all for fun and to keep your mind moving, creative juices rolling and cameras clicking..


June’s Photo Challenge

Here is June’s Photo Challenge..Better late than never with only 2 days left in May..

I love that these challenges have kept my eyes open to so many different things when I am looking for “that” picture of the day..It keeps the imagination moving and always turning, as Alice from Wonderland says.. “Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast…..”


Instagram Users, Upload your photo to Instagram, change it up add filters, experiment,  #junephoto in the caption so others can see your photos

Create an album on Facebook upload your pics there for others to see..



APRIL Challenge

So I have been doing a photo a day challenge for this past month and asked my friend Dani if she’d like to do one with me for April…So we decided since we are having so much fun with the March one we would try our hand at making this April challenge.. So here is our April Photo a Day Challenge for anyone who would like to join us..