Easy Peasy DIY

Here is a quick and simple super cute easy peasy DIY for you..A braided headband, you could use any materials you have laying around the house.. I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought hmm looks easy enough and I have those things, lets do this..

So step 1..supplies, ribbon, leather cord, ball chain, needle, thread and hair elastic


Step 2, cut your ribbon, cord and leather about 2.5 ft long, gather together at the end and sew onto the elastic to secure them together..as you can see I didn’t try and sew it “pretty” just securely you’ll never see it when you’re wearing it

Sew to secure

Step 3..Start braiding, I kept checking length along my own head like a head band till I got the desired length I needed..

A Foot makes a great anchor

Step 4..once you get to your desired length, sew and secure the other end opposite the first end you sewed on to the hair elastic, so you end up with a shape like this

All Done

Step 5, try out your new head band and wear it proudly…

one of a kind headband

I’d love to see if any of you make one and your thoughts…Enjoy!


Sweet Peas & Nest

So I have a new obsession thanks to my awesome friends who pin things at me on Pinterest and say “Can you make this??” or someone will comment on a pin and say “ask Hope bet she could make that” I love my peeps!! So what do sweet peas and nest have to do with making things?? Jewelry!!!

I’m waiting for cooper wire to be restocked so I can play with it as well. So far my nest are just silver and gold with random stones and pearls I have laying around.. Here a few of my nest and one added to a necklace for a Mama to be..

Birds Nest

Mama to Be Necklace

Baby Haynes

Now with the sweet peas.. I had an old wool sweater laying around and decided to cut the arm off and felt the material to make the pea pod..Felting is super simple, all you have to is wash an old wool sweater in hot water and agitate it to get the fibers to shrink and then throw it in the dryer and WhaLa FELT! I then cut it down to size for a pod, strung my green stones on a 20 gage silver wire and sewed the felt around the wire to create the sweet pea necklace..Had some scrape silver laying around cut out a leaf and wham a one of a kind new necklace…

Sweet Pea

Every time I look at it, it makes me sing ” Sweet Pea, Apple of my Eye

Sweet Pea Pod

So now you all are privy to my newest obsession, If you see something on pinterest that you think might catch my eye or your eye and want me to take a stab at it let me know!! You all keep my juices rolling and Night Owlness going!