July’s Photo Challenge/ Photo a Day

July’s Photo Challenge/Photo a Day..

I’ve had so much fun doing these photo challenges these past few months I have totally neglected posting my DIY’s..You all know by now I am full of excuses..Summer is a crazy busy time with 4 kiddos running a muck..But the nice thing about the challenges is it keeps my creativity going and also grounded in accomplishing a monthly goal I have set out for myself. It may seem small in the big aspect of this crazy world but with a whirl wind of craziness around me, this I can do! AND enjoy doing it!


If you use Instagram and would like to participate please #julyphotofb

If you would like to just jump in and share please post on here or share with your friends for something fun to do between each other!

This is all for fun and to keep your mind moving, creative juices rolling and cameras clicking..


June’s Photo Challenge

Here is June’s Photo Challenge..Better late than never with only 2 days left in May..

I love that these challenges have kept my eyes open to so many different things when I am looking for “that” picture of the day..It keeps the imagination moving and always turning, as Alice from Wonderland says.. “Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast…..”


Instagram Users, Upload your photo to Instagram, change it up add filters, experiment,  #junephoto in the caption so others can see your photos

Create an album on Facebook upload your pics there for others to see..



May Photo Challenge

Here are day 1 and day 2’s pictures for this month challenge. Feel free to add your own..I hope everyone is enjoying this month so far!

APRIL Challenge

So I have been doing a photo a day challenge for this past month and asked my friend Dani if she’d like to do one with me for April…So we decided since we are having so much fun with the March one we would try our hand at making this April challenge.. So here is our April Photo a Day Challenge for anyone who would like to join us..

Busy with Cakes

So this weekend was a busy one with 2 cake orders for little bits 1st and 2nd birthdays..One was a Barney cake and NO WHERE sells Barney stuff anymore..I searched high and low an about 6 stores to no avail..Yes, I could have ordered online but it was a last minute order and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for Barney..So I decided I’ll just make him out of fondant…The 2nd cake was Mr. Potato Head, that I could find everywhere but again decided nah I’ll do it up right and make the whole cake the Potato..So here are my 2 creations both last minute to the wire get them to the party on time….



Our school has a Bake a Book cake auction to raise money, the idea is to bake any cake but it has to be in the theme of a book, so this year was my Deider’s year to pick a book, he picked his Angry Birds Doodle book for me to make a cake from…My eldest sons birthday was a week later and he requested the same cake for his birthday at school..well I totally flaked and at 6:00pm Thursday before his Friday school birthday he says “mom are you going to make my cake for school tomorrow?” PANIC mode set in because I totally forgot they celebrate on Friday if the birthday is on the weekend…So instead of a cake he got Angry Bird cupcakes..birds are made out of fondant..



DIY T-shirt skirt for girls

So, I saw this super cute pin on Pinterest the other day..I know, I know big shock! Well take a look it is ADORABLE, especially if you have little girls in your world.. I just loved the idea of reusing another t-shirt and with the t-shirt scarfs being such a hit I thought hmmm t-shirt skirts could be just as big.. The one in the pin says LOVE and was suggested for Valentines Day, well I wanted a skirt for my Miss E that she can wear any day all year round. Not that the one in the pin couldn’t be I just did a different play on it.. So lets gets started, I’d say start to finish without my many breaks in between it took me all of 30mins to make.

Supplies I used a mans sized med tshirt, rotary cutter and scissors, felt scraps, needle and thread, elastic and sewing machine..

Step 1 Measure elastic on the your girl..

Love that lil budha belly

Step 2.. cut your t-shirt to the length you want the skirt to fall on your girl, remember to allow about an inch for the casing..

cut straight across

Step 3.. draw out your letters in chalk on the felt for cutting, you could always free hand cut this part..

E.L.I.Y.A. chalked

Step 4..lay out the letters on the bottom of your t-shirt next to the hem line..I doubled my thread to sew on the letters but wish I had, had embroidery thread but it gives them same effect..No need to be perfect with your straight stitch its for a little bit it is suppose to look fun!

Straight stitch

My L is sick and didn’t want to be to far away from his Mama so he was my helper for this project, so I thought we’d pause for cuteness!

My Helpers

Step 5.. Time for the casing.. I didn’t take any pics of me doing the casing since its pretty easy.. I turned the shirt inside out and folded it down about an inch and then sewed a zig zag stitch all the way around leaving a bit of an opening to feed my elastic thru..man I hate feeding elastic it is such a royal pain..Remember t-shirts don’t unravel so I just did 1 turn down for the casing.. Here is an easy Tutorial if you need one.. Once the elastic is fed tru the casing overlap it a bit and sew together and then close up your opening..FLIP skirt right side out and…….

A new t-shirt skirt for Miss E

TaaDaa!! A new skirt for your the lil ones in your world..So many possibilities!

Easy Peasy DIY

Here is a quick and simple super cute easy peasy DIY for you..A braided headband, you could use any materials you have laying around the house.. I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought hmm looks easy enough and I have those things, lets do this..

So step 1..supplies, ribbon, leather cord, ball chain, needle, thread and hair elastic


Step 2, cut your ribbon, cord and leather about 2.5 ft long, gather together at the end and sew onto the elastic to secure them together..as you can see I didn’t try and sew it “pretty” just securely you’ll never see it when you’re wearing it

Sew to secure

Step 3..Start braiding, I kept checking length along my own head like a head band till I got the desired length I needed..

A Foot makes a great anchor

Step 4..once you get to your desired length, sew and secure the other end opposite the first end you sewed on to the hair elastic, so you end up with a shape like this

All Done

Step 5, try out your new head band and wear it proudly…

one of a kind headband

I’d love to see if any of you make one and your thoughts…Enjoy!